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Office Planters
environmental issues

You will probably have heard and read in the press that NASA have been conducting experiments with plants and testing their ability to clean certain chemicals from the air and combat sick building syndrome.

While plants can take traces of chemicals, such as formaldehyde, out of the atmosphere. It is probably what the plants put back into the air that is important.

Today’s information technology means that offices are full of computers, faxes, printers, scanners and photocopiers. All of these necessary office tools have hot circuit boards making the office atmosphere too dry. A symptom of this is static shocks from desks and filing cabinets.

If your office windows don't open and you get headaches,  the benefit of plants will be apparent. Plants will help increase the  humidity in the air, making you feel much better. A good way to cure your sick building syndrome.

In addition to making people feel better physically, plants  are often credited with reducing stress and helping to aid concentration. They generate good working relations by demonstrating that your company cares for it's staff, good morale is good for your workers and productive happy workers are good for your bottom line.

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Plants for People

Healthy Green at Work & Plants Clean Air


We have been associated with the environment ways other than simply providing plants to enhance the office environment. Above is a wildflower garden planted as part of an exhibition staged by South East Water.


Plants help to eliminate sick building syndrome

Above we have an Aglaonema this is one of the plants NASA has found to be good at cleaning up the atmosphere. It is reputed to absorb benzene and trichloro-ethylene and help to reduce the effects of sick building syndrome.